Jeon's Traditional Taekwondo


Mr. Loreman is a 3rd degree black belt and one of Master Jeon’s longest running instructors. He began teaching lessons in 2014 as an assistant instructor, and over the years has gained experience in working with people of all ages and levels of independence.

Mr. Loreman has a passion for Taekwondo and how it can be used as an aid in mental fortitude and wellbeing. He is a strong believer in the community that Taekwondo cultivates, and how that community integrates into everyday life. He is currently enrolled in university pursuing a career in clinical psychology.

Mr. Loreman also has an appreciation for performance culture in all forms. He believes that Taekwondo as art form should be shared, which he has put his beliefs to action through countless demonstration performances around the city, demonstrating the artistic and entertainment value that Taekwondo can have. He also has a strong passion for music and the arts.

Mr. Loreman’s number one rule is to see effort. He loves to see his students give it their all in their training, regardless of mistakes made, and he doesn’t like seeing unfulfilled potential. In that sense, it is his duty to bring that potential in full force in training that is fun and engaging.


Mr. Jung is a 2nd-degree black belt that has trained in taekwondo for about 10 years. During his time in Jeon’s Taekwondo, he has participated in all aspects, such as doing extra sparring classes, leadership classes, and joining the demonstration team to perform countless times. Mr. Jung has a love for exercise and thus is enrolled in Kinesiology at the U of A, the study of human movement.

Mr. Jung loves teaching in ways that are active and exciting for students, as he finds that some kids have a better time learning when the atmosphere is engaging and allows them to move. He recognizes the important role that a martial arts class might have compared to school, which teaches in a different way. Taekwondo has methods of teaching that are unique to itself that are able to improve one’s character.

What Mr. Jung feels has changed most while doing taekwondo is his attitude and confidence, and he wants to help kids to be stronger not only physically, but mentally. At first, he was uncertain of himself, but through practicing taekwondo, he was able to find a community that enjoys the same things that he does and was able to naturally make friends and longtime interests.

Mr. Jung’s main focus is to help each student individually in what they need. For example, it could be to help those who have too much energy to release it through learning in an active way. Or it could be to help those who lack confidence, to learn the basics to defend themselves, or to be more confident in their daily life. Whatever it is, Mr. Jung strives to give others the experience he had while doing taekwondo.


I am currently in training to be an instructor and assist Mr. Jeon with a few classes. I enjoy working with children and have a passion for Taekwondo. I have been training with Mr. Jeon for around ten years, so I’m familiar with how we run things at Jeon’s Taekwondo. I mainly teach beginner and intermediate classes, because I find that I work best with younger children. I’m not a particularly loud or extroverted person, but I can and will be a good leader for our students. Respect is a huge aspect of many martial arts, and I believe that respect needs to be mutual. Give and take, per se. So, when I give respect to the students, I expect it to be respected back.